Welcome to the info page for SomeMineGame's YouTube channel! I really appreciate that you're taking the time to look through who I am and what I do. You'll also be able to see my latest livestream through here as well (and maybe even some limited access content)!

What Do I Do On My Channel?

Currently I play mainly Minecraft on my channel. I used to upload tutorials for a troll obby on Roblox, and still occasionally upload other Roblox videos. I have also attempted to livestream in the past, but due to country internet options, they only lasted a couple of minutes before my slow network crashed. I also play some Multiplayer with my friend, Videogamer579.

What Are My Plans For The Future Of My Channel?

In the future, I plan to start streaming as my county had a fiber internet initiative that allows for me to have good internet. I'm planning on having my friend Videogamer579 edit these streams into stream highlights videos. I'll also upload some random content on an unscheduled basis. Since this channel is a hobby, and planned to stay that way, I'm not going to try and force myself into a schedule, I'm just going to stream and upload as I feel the urge to.

What Content Will Be Included?

The main content will be livestreams of my Minecraft servers and their highlights. There may also be some redstone builds, and datapack tutorials as I do good with redstone and somewhat understand datapack making. I will also have some Roblox content and possibly Steam games. Since I have the ability to code in python and html, I might do some stuff with that, but most likely not.

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