What are Subs?

Subs are a monthly subscription to the Premium Bot's features and can be purchased through Patreon. There are three different tiers of access, each gaining more features that stack on top of the previous. The list of features and commands will be shown below.

What do the patrons help cover?

Patrons help cover the cost of the Wiki as well as the IPs for Java, Bedrock, and Dynmap. If we don't have any patrons, we'll have to resort to ads on the wiki. A list of our amazing patrons helping us stay ad-free can be found here!

What are the benefits to becoming a patron of the SMG-SMP?

As mentioned above, you'll get special Premium bot access depending on your tier. The higher the tier, the more features you'll get! Note, these features are Discord only - and they will never interfere or interact with the Minecraft server to keep it free from the influence of P2W. You'll also get your Discord username displayed separately from everyone else with no or different tiers with a tier specific shade of green, and on the Wiki page of all our patrons! (For Discord to work, you'll have to link your patreon and Discord accounts together)

Tiers and their Premium bot benefits:

Items marked with * are yet to be added. Features are not final and more may be added or removed.

Tier $1 Tier $5 Tier $10

Click a box to learn its commands.

Rock Paper Scissors Hangman Tic Tac Toe*
Guess The Number*
Points Shop
!points !topPoints*
!shop buy* !trade <player>* Most of the exclusive features for tier $5 and $10 for the shop feature is what items you can buy. The catalogue has exclusive items that can only be bought by higher tiers. The commands are mainly general.
!shop sell*
!shop view*
Extras !userInfo* !userInfo <player>* !magicEightBall*
!poll (3 Options) !poll (6 Options) !poll (10 Options)

Sub $10 patrons will also have a monthly meeting with the server owner and other Sub $10 patrons. These meetings will include possible changes to the server, for instance commands, premium perks, and plugins.