Article I

You shall be able to say whatever you want; whether in call or in chat, as long as it is not offensive towards the other player(s).

Article II

You shall not destroy any other person's property through (1). Theft, taking items from another player in any way (2). Breaking blocks or altering their look (3). Changing the build without permission (4). Using an intentional explosion (5). Killing their pet(s) and/or animal(s).

Article III

If you are fighting creepers near one's base and it explodes, you will (1). Fix all damage by {1a}. Fixing all terrain if broken {2a}. Fixing all parts of the building if broken {3a}. Replace any items in containers if they are lost (2). Tell the property's owner. *If you can't fix all damage, you must talk with the property owner on what to do.

Article IV

You shall not do any game changing events unless everyone is online and given you the ok, or they gave permission to do so without them present. Such events are the End Fight, Wither Fight, or others deemed by mass votes. No player can be denied access to these fights unless they are in prison, where they also cannot prevent the event by saying no.

Article V

If a war is to happen, all sides will need a name and a banner. All banner patterns must be different. The war must have a good reason to have started. All sides involved will need to state their reasoning for entering the war. Article III still applies here except for the following segment exclusions (1), (2), (4). Explosions or any other harm to neutral players and their buildings are prohibited.

Article VI

You shall never have to share or trade with another player. If they keep pressuring you or start using your things, such as mines, furnaces, enchantment tables, ect, it is a violation of this article and in some cases, Article II. You will be expected to report them and they will need to replace all items, including ore equivalents.

Article VII

The server owner, or other trusted user if the problem includes the owner, will need to be a judge for a conflict. They will read the articles and ammendments relating to the conflict from this constitution, then take input from each side. This will start with the Prosecutor, then Defendant, then Witness(es), then Prosecutor counter claim, then Defendant counter claim. A jury will then say whether the Defendant is guilty and the charge associated with the decision. A player cannot serve on the jury if they have bias towards a side. If a jury is not available, the judge will take this role. Once the jury or judge says their decision, it will be final. These cannot be over punishing. These decisions will be final and no changes can be made. No hate can be given to anyone involved in the session.

Article VIII

To make an amendment, send in a request and the server besides the owner will vote on sending the proposed change or addition to the owner, make a change to the request, or decline the request in its entirety. If the request is changed, the voting will restart. If the request is declined, it will be discarded, but can be tried again in 100 mc days. If the request passes the general server, it will be passed onto the owner for their say. If the owner says yes, it will be signed into effect as an amendment. If the owner says no, it will be discarded, but can be tried again 100 mc days later. If they owner proposes a change, the general server will discuss it, and revote. The bill history will be tracked and recorded.

Amendment I

No hacks, glitches, or other forms of cheating may be used. This includes hacked clients, external programs such as autotypers, duping items, or other forms of benefits that are not included in vanilla or the installed datapacks and plugins.

Amendment II

Killing players is prohibited except for the following two cases (1) The event that a war has broken out and the player to be killed is an opposing team as you. You may not kill neutral players during a war, or those fighting with you, nor players who are in the war, but not fighting you or an ally team (2) You are in a designated structure or area such as an arena or fighting field.

Amendment III

This is a change of segment merges in Article II and a rewrite of a sector in Article V. In Article II, segments (2), (3), (4) are now merged into "(2). Breaking blocks, altering the build, or using any source of damage to the structure", and segment 5 is now numbered segment (3). In Article V, sentence 5 will now be considered "Article II still applies here except for the following exclusions, (2) and (3)." to fix the typo and new reference.

Amendment IV

The Server Owner, Admins, Prison Guards, or any other Player with high authority shall not abuse their abilities. All Players shall be treated with equal respect. For those in prison, their punishment is already happening, and Guards only need to monitor and take action if something is to happen. In the case is in the abuse of gaining free items, Amendment I will have been broken along with this one for two separate charges.

War Procedures

If a player is neutral, you must follow the regular laws.

What you can do: (1). You can kill a player on an opposing team (2). You can steal any of an opposing team's items, though they may need to be given back if an agreement says so. (3). You can take control of an opposing team's structures and stop them from using them. They may need to be given back if an agreement says so. (4) Kill an opposing team's animals or pets.

What you can't do: (1). Involve a neutral player unless they announce they are joining (2.) Blow up an opposing team's structures, even if you've taken control of them (3.) Damage government structures.

A team will no longer be involved in a war once they surrender, and an agreement will be made with all other involved teams they were in a conflict with. The war ends when one of the final two teams surrender and make an agreement.

If you don't follow these procedures, you will have committed a war crime and a judge only case will determine your punishment

Failure to follow these rules can and will lead to charges and/or jail time. Refusing these punishments in a negative way (such as excessive complaining or abandoning the server) can result in a kick or ban from the server.