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Plugin Name About Plugin Plugin Version
DiscordSRV Discord and Minecraft Cross Chatting 1.26.2
Dynmap 3D and 2D Live Map of the Server 3.7 Beta 2
Floodgate Join Java Server on Bedrock Without Java Account Build 85
GeyserMC Join Java Server on Bedrock Client Build 389
Invsee++ See Player's Inventory and Enderchest 0.23.4
Luckperms Give Players Permissions To Plugin Features 5.4.102
Lumberjack Fast Leaf Decay and Falling Trees 5.3.0
Minepacks Up to 54 Extra Inventory Slots 2.4.24
ProtocolLib Library For Plugins To Use 5.1.0
Simple Voice Chat Talk To People In Minecraft Depending On Distance 2.4.30
TreeAssist Fast Leaf Decay and Auto Replanting 7.3.49
UberEnchant Advanced Command-Based Enchantment System 8.10.2
Variable Enderchests Change Enderchest Size Between 0-54 Slots
ViaVersion Allows Future Versions Of The Game To Join The Server 4.9.3+147
WorldEdit Easily Modify The World With Commands 7.3.0 Beta 2
Xclaim Claim Chunks And Their Permissions 1.10.5