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Datapack Name About Datapack
AFK Display Shows Player Name Differently In Player List After AFK Period
Coordinates Hud Toggleable Coordinates Display - Useful For Java Players
Double Shulker Shells Shulkers Always Drop Two Shulker Shells
Dungeons and Taverns
Enchantment+ Allows "Crafting" Enchantments, Raises Max Level, And Adds Custom Enchantments
Graves Stores a Player's Items When They Die so They Don't Despawn
Incendium Revamped Nether With New Biomes And Structures
Nullscape Revamped End With New Biomes And Structures
Real Time Clock Keeps Track Of The Server's Total Online Time
Structory Adds New Structures To The Server
Tectonic Revamped World With New Biomes And Terrain
Terralith Revamped World With New Biomes
Track Raw Statistics Tracks Statistics in Ways The Statistics Screen Doesn't