These commands are used on the Discord server to add extra functionality to the Minecraft server. They are custom coded by SomeMineGame in a Discord bot written in Python. There are still new commands being added to the server every so often, so come back to see what's been added in the "What's New" section! Click on a command to learn more about it! Current Prefix - &

Base Commands

Command Short Description
addBase Adds your base for others to see
editBase Edits your base location
removeBase Removes your base location
viewBase Gives the location of a base

Database Commands

Command Short Description
addUser Creates a user's files
advRepair Recreates a user's files
listOldServers Lists past server resets
repairUser Adds missing files a user may not have
resetServer Resets everyone's files
restoreServer Restores data from a previous reset
update Updates files to a newer format

Economy Commands

Command Short Description
addMoney Adds money to a user's wallet
bank Manages your bank account
buy Automatically get an item in Minecraft
charity Manage or donate to charities
clockIn Clocks you into work
clockOut Clocks you out of work
completeTicket Closes a ticket after completion
drawLottery Draws a winning lottery ticket for a prize pool
forceClockOut Forcefully ends a user's shift
incompleteTickets Displays the tickets yet to be finished
inflation Shows the current inflation rate
lottery Buy lottery tickets
pay Pay a user from your wallet
paycheck Collects your pay from work time
payGovt Pay the government from your wallet
price Get the price of an item
removeMoney Removes money from a user's wallet
sell Removes an item for money
setMoney Sets a user's wallet to a specified amount
taxBal See how much money the government has
taxPay Pay a user with the government funds
wealthy View the richest players

Miscellaneous Commands

Command Short Description
amendPoll Creates a vote on new rules
cmd Remotely run a Minecraft command
day See the current Minecraft day
help Sends a link to this page
ip Lists the IPs or edits them
poll Creates a generic poll with up to 10 options
restart Restarts the Discord bot
status Gives the server's local and global status
test Test's the Discord bot's response

Legal Commands

Command Short Description
addSentence Creates a prison sentence for a player
editSentece Edits a player's prison sentence
releasePrisoner Ends a player's prison sentence
requestCase Creates a lawsuit against another player
viewSentence Views a player's prison file

Deprecated Commands

addDonator Adds a user to the donator roles
addServer Creates a Discord server's files
classicBuy Creates a ticket to manually be given items
classicSell Creates a ticket to manually sell items
editDay Updates the current Minecraft day
editDonator Edits a users donation file
removeDonator Removes a user from the donator roles
start Starts the Minecraft Server
stop Stops the Minecraft Server
viewBal View how much money you have in your wallet